Patient Bank Programme

Part of the College of Medicine Dentistry and Nursing


In line with normal University of Dundee Quality Assurance procedures, all new recruits to the SP Programme attend an informal Induction Workshop to give them information on the Programme and their role as volunteers.  This Workshop as an opportunity for new SPs to meet the Patient Bank Team, find out what is involved in being an SP and discuss the opportunities and activities run as part of the programme.  As the undergraduate programmes to which SPs contribute are wide and varied there are regular training sessions organised for SPs during the academic calendar. These are usually run prior to specific topics in each of the programmes and are designed to give those SPs particpating a chance to meet with others, discuss scripts and think about how to portray or present signs and symptoms. SPs are strongly recommended to attend these sessions as with all academic programmes sessions can change based on feedback and developments.

When you become a simulated patient you will have access to the training material on this page to support you in your role,this facility will be available soon.