Patient Bank Programme

Part of the College of Medicine Dentistry and Nursing

The Difference

Volunteer - Simulated or Clinical Patient?

The Patient Bank is supported by two types of patient.  The first and most numerous are our "simulated patients" who are members of the public who are trained to portray signs and present symptoms of illness or injury. SPs are our busiest group being involved in most undergraduate medical, dental and nursing teaching.

A smaller but just as important group are our "clinical patients" who are people living with long term medical conditions often with classic clinical signs and symptoms. These patients allow senior students and postgraduate students to examine more complex cases and identify conditions which our SPs cannot portray.

Of course, SPs may well have unusual or interesting signs which do not proclude them from being a clinical patient and vice versa.  However, should SPs not wish to be involved in sessions which involve clinical examination procedures, for example chest examination, they can simply withdraw from these sessions. Many of our SPs provide an invaluable service and only participate in communication skills teaching.