Training Sessions

Training sessions are organised to provide you support as a volunteer Simulated Patient (SP) in the Patientbak Programme,these sessions are broken down into:

Introduction to the Patientbank Programme: This session is face to face in the Clinical Skills Centre at Ninewells Hospital and introduces you to the Patientbank Programme, providing information on what we do and what you would be involved in as a volunteer Simulated Patient.

Generic Training: This follow on session introduces you on how to 'RolePlay'  (dont worry you may wish only to take part in examinations only) where we discuss and supported by one of our experienced Sps will give you the chance to watch an interaction with a medical student with the experienced SP, then you will have the opportunity to try it yourself.

Specialist Training: These sessions are organised outwith the normal training sessions they are to provide you support and information on a teaching session that is usually a bit more demanding scenario.

Medical Student Clinical Skills Examination: This training session explains what is involved  in the examinations of our medical students.